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Update 3 December 2019

Following the announcement of an extension to PCP funding until 30 June 2020, KPMG were engaged to undertake a review of the PCP model across Victoria.  Data collection for the review is now complete and a report will be provided to DHHS by the end of the year. DHHS are however unable to confirm when they will communicate the finding to PCPs.

Data gathered from PCPs and other stakeholders to inform the review:

  1. Over 1000 responses were provided to the stakeholder and staff survey
  2.  4 PCP participated as in depth face to face case study sites and an additional 4 were involved in video conferences.
  3. All PCP were invited to submit local case studies
  4. Face to face interviews with a range of additional stakeholders

Thank you to all our partners and other stakeholders who took the time to participate in the review process we really appreciate your support and will keep you up to date with the outcomes of the review. All your advocacy efforts on behalf of PCPs have all been highly successful in passing on a message that support is needed to ensure local partnership thrive and provide improved health and well being outcomes for the community.

How you can help? 

Please keep sending out these messages and let us know about your advocacy efforts as they will provide important evidence for the Review.  Email Jacky at [email protected]

For information and resources to assist you advocate to secure funding for PCPs visit VIC PCP.

What we stand to lose across Victoria?

  • 28 established local health partnerships across  Victoria
  • 19 years experience in partnership brokering
  • Strong, vibrant networks that connect more than 800 organisations across the state.
  • Better health and well being outcomes for Victorians in the places where they live.

For more detail on the quality and diversity of PCPs work see  Contributing to better health and well being outcomes for our communities: Examples from around Victoria:

What we stand to lose in the Outer East?

  • Support to maintain the relationships we have established in our 19 years together
  • Resources for innovation, quality improvement, research, workforce development, community engagement
  • Support to coordinate our prevention efforts
  • Support to implement government policy
  • Help in bringing more resources into the Outer East


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