OEPCP Grant Program 2020



Strong local partnerships improving the health and well being of the Outer East community.


  1. Local organisations and community working together with increased trust, coordination and collaboration on a particular social or health issue.
  2. Increased awareness, knowledge, skills and the capacity to act in relation to an identified health or social issues.

We anticipate that all funded projects will result in stronger partnerships and depending upon the nature of the project, increased awareness, knowledge, skill and/or ability to take action in relation to a particular health or social issue. 

What might this look like?:

Raising awareness: e.g. providing information that homelessness is becoming an issue for local people. 

Increasing knowledge: e.g. enhancing understanding about the reasons why people become homeless and what can be done to address this .

Increasing skills/capabilities: e.g. enhancing the skills/capabilities of individuals/groups etc to respond to the issue of homelessness 

Taking action: e.g. individuals/groups/organisations taking action to respond to the issue of homelessness.

Why this approach ?

Evidence tells us that we are more likely to create change is we facilitate collaboration around activities that raise awareness, increase knowledge, enhance skills and increase people’s ability to take action.

Therefore, as part of the evaluation of the OEPCP Grants Program, successful applicants will be asked to tell us about their project partnerships and collaborations. They will also be asked to tell us about how successful they have been in raising awareness, increasing knowledge, building skills or mobilising action – depending upon which of these is relevant to their project.

For further information about this refer to Evaluation section below. 


  • Applicants must be an OEPCP member organisation or be partnering with an OEPCP member organisation (see member list here).
  • The OEPCP member organisation agree to act as the fund holder for the project.
  • Applications must nominate a Lead organisation (this does not need to be an OEPCP member) who will be responsible for completing the project evaluation and the final report.
  • An organisation may be party to multiple applications, however will only have the possibility of being funded once as the Lead organisation through this program.
  • Applications must include a minimum of two organisations working together in partnership, with all partners indicating their in-kind or financial contributions to the project (refer to budget template)
  • Projects must be directed at delivering outcomes for communities in the local government areas of Yarra Ranges, Knox or Maroondah.
  • Applications must provide evidence that the community agree that the project is needed.
  • Applications must indicate how the community/target group will be involved.

NB: Both community and target group are referred to above because we recognise that some projects may not be focused directly on community members. For example the primary target group for the project may be volunteers, practitioners etc. In such instances the application will need to provide some evidence that the community who will ultimately benefit from the project are engaged and interested in the outcomes the project is trying to achieve. 


  • Maximum funding offered per project will be $10,000.
  • Single events can apply for a maximum of $2000.
  • Selection panel may recommend funding at less than that requested.
  • Capital works are ineligible.
  • Staff costs must not exceed 25% of total funding requested
  • Program admin fee is permissible however must not exceed 15% of total funding requested.
  • The OEPCP must be acknowledged in all relevant documentation.


Evaluation and Reporting:

  1. Project partners commit to completing a short partnership evaluation which will be distributed at the end of the project by the OEPCP.
  2. Project partners commit to gathering a small amount of data by adding 1-2 simple OEPCP questions to their project’s evaluation. These questions will be selected from a suite of questions provided by the OEPCP.
  3. Lead organisations will submit a final project report 4 weeks from project end or no later than 31st January 2021 (whichever comes first).

Sharing learnings:

  • Applicants must agree that all learnings, positive as well as challenges / barriers can be shared on The Well. A draft will be shared with project partners for their approval prior to it being published on The Well.


We understand that the needs being addressed by local projects can vary greatly, however we have provided below some ideas about the types of community groups that may benefit from your project activities.

  • People experiencing social disadvantage or isolation
  • Older adults
  • Young people
  • Indigenous Australians
  • Culturally and linguistically diverse groups
  • People with a disability or long-term ill health
  • Women and/or girls
  • Others

Below is a range of topic areas which your project may address, again these are provided only as examples for your consideration.

  • Preventing Violence (Family /Violence against Women/Children/Elder)
  • Alcohol Misuse
  • Food
  • Obesity
  • Mental Illness
  • Healthy Ageing
  • Aboriginal Health & Wellbeing
  • Affordable Housing/Homelessness
  • Social Connection / Isolation
  • Youth Health & Wellbeing
  • Oral Health
  • Other


Projects must be ready to start no later than 1 February 2020 and be completed by 31st December 2020.


Selection panel will consist of OEPCP Executive Officer, OEPCP Executive Committee Member, OEPCP Executive Consumer Representative and an independent community representative. Content experts may be asked for feedback if needed.


Please direct enquiries to Kylie Osborne – Strategy & Engagement Coordinator, OEPCP
e | [email protected]
p | 9879 8385


Successful Applicants

Final Report Template 31 Jan 2021 – Download. doc

(Download.doc, email to [email protected])

Mandatory Evaluation Question Guide

(select relevant question/s to include in your evaluation)


Project Timelines:
Projects must be completed by 31st December 2020

Applicants will be notified by:
4th  November 2019.

Funding availability:
From 29th November 2019

Budget acquittal & final report:
Due 4 weeks from project end (or by 31st of January 2021 whichever is first). Download Report Template.


Kylie Osborne – Strategy & Engagement Coordinator, OEPCP
e | [email protected]
p | 9879 8385