Messaging Guide for Gender Equality

Together for Equality and Respect (TFER) with the support of the OEPCP, established a partnership with VicHealth and engaged Common Cause Australia to conduct a research project to test the responses of the Australian public to a suite of commonly used Gender Equality messages.

The research finding have been collated into a Gender Equality Guide that provides a suite of sample messages and guidelines highlighting the most effective way to present messages about Gender Equality.

From the Guide:

Research suggested that the majority of people in both metropolitan and regional areas are persuadable when it comes to gender equality

 Attitudes to gender equality in the Eastern Metropolitan Region were slightly  more progressive than the national average with higher levels of agreement that gender inequality is an ongoing problems and greater support for gender equality policy and initiatives.

Some examples to get you thinking:

Supporting you to use the Guide:

To accompany the Framing Gender Equality Message Guide, Women’s Health East held a series of professional development sessions open to all TFER partners to share the research findings and consider the implications for practice.

Keep an eye our for updates from TFER about the facts sheets they have developed from the workshops.

For more information contact: Kate Ravenscroft: Manager – Equality & Respect at [email protected]