Mental Health Access and Pathways Project

The MH Access and Pathways project employed Human Centred Design (HCD) methodologies –  in particular the development of client personas and client journey mapping  – to better define and understand the experience of clients accessing, entering and using the mental health system in the Inner and Outer Eastern Melbourne areas.

The report contains a series of journey maps which represent the journey for each of the four client personas developed for the purposes of this project. These maps include a summary of key findings and moments that matter for each client.

Three themes were identified as being critical to the lived experience:

  • Trust
  • Choice and control
  • Communication

The report includes a set of recommendations that aim to provide organisations with some guidance as to how to strengthen the elements of trust, choice and control and communication, including a checklist for providers.

Access the full report here: MH Access and Pathways Report

The OEPCP is pleased to launch a follow up initiative to the 2019 Mental Health Access and Pathways report:

An Exploration of Telehealth in Mental Health: Using client personas and journey maps to guide service enhancements

Leveraging the tools in the 2019 Mental Health Access and Pathways report, the OEPCP has produced a series of videos to demonstrate how to use client personas and journey maps to guide service enhancements.

For more information contact Jean Crewe Integrated Care Coordinator