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Lets Talk: Unmasking a way forward beyond COVID in the Outer East

Over 20 local organisations were represented at the “Let’s Talk” workshop held in December last year. The workshop brought people together to reconnect, share and learn from each other’s experiences in 2020. We shared our understanding of when, how and why we were able to collaborate better during COVID and reflected on how we might use these learnings to strengthen future collaboration in the Outer East.

Workshop Report and Graphic Recording

The workshop report presents the strengths and hopes identified by participants in their own words and as illustrations captured by a graphic recorder present at the workshop.



    Participant’s reflections

I take away hope, aspiration and enthusiasm from this session and look forward to collaborating and deepening our partnership. Thank you.

We have a shared desire for positive change. That’s got to be at least equally as powerful as the old ways of working.

There is willingness, drive and passion to keep collaborating in the East. Partners are open and receptive to new ways of working

 I feel grateful that I work in the outer east where there’s such goodwill to work together. And some new opportunities with people I’ve ‘met’ online today.

The experience of COVID has had some positive impacts on how we work within our organisations as well as a shared vision to provide more collaboratively into the future.

Hold onto each others stories and keep these in mind as we write the new way of doing things together

It has been great to hear that people want to keep the momentum and innovation going

The goodwill to collectively work, share the journey and rethink our new way of doing.