Hoarding and Squalor Regional Network

The OEPCP has been working with the network on a project to build greater awareness of hoarding as a mental health condition, decrease stigma, and gain support from the sector and funding bodies to improve service responses to hoarding.

In the first phase of this project we developed 4 personas that represent a sector worker, family member and two clients with differing levels of hoarding challenges and insight into their hoarding.

In the second phase of this project we used these personas as a basis to tell a story of:

  • The lived experience of people experiencing hoarding – people with the condition, their family members/carers and people working in the sector.
  • The experience of people with hoarding behaviour or their family/carers accessing and using services in the sector.
  • The experience of staff working in the sector trying to find/deliver services to support people experiencing hoarding.
  • The key themes /challenges/gaps for all those experiencing/working with hoarding
  • Provide considerations for Service Providers based on the findings.

For more information about this project please contact Jean Crewe


Behind the Clutter: A report that raises awareness and builds empathy and understanding about the challenges of hoarding