Busting the Myths WG

Meeting 7th March

  1. ‘Legal’ Training format will be the focus for now.
    Kate to look into ECLC training format with ACU.
    Rebecca to chat with contact at Melbourne Uni.
  2. Thriving Communities
    Kylie & Jacky to chat with Thriving Communities about how it could be used by them, perhaps in current format?
  3. Values Based Messaging Workshop
    Kylie to look into the course and see how it could work for our working group
  4. Audio Log
    Reminder to everyone to review the Legal stuff from the audio log – what is missing?

Meeting 14th November

  1. BTM in its current format can be used as is, however will require supporting documents. Workplace training could be an appropriate use.
    Kylie to work with Ari on developing supporting documentation. Stats to be reviewed in light of new NCAS data.
  2. Each Myth to be developed as its own individual video, with additional audio/slides/footage as relevant, linking the Myth with GE content. A suite of Myths then would be available for our partners to use and promote. Supporting guides to be released with the suite of videos. Short trailer video made to promote the suite.
    Kylie & Ari to look at what info WHE can provide for the GE linking information.
  3. Review of current content on ‘Legal’ to determine what might be missing, and what is an absolute MUST.
    Everyone to send through ideas.
  4. Short and sharp mini films / gif’s for use on Social media to be developed. E.g “Have you”…. Need to be cautious about not presenting problems and dis-empowering the public, these need to have realistic and achievable call to actions.
    Everyone to look through audio log and submit ideas.
  5. Explore potentially partnering with ECLC on the Legal footage, potentially for use in their training.
    Kylie to get in touch with ECLC
  6. Explore a Workforce/Employment related video – will need all new footage for this.
    Kylie & Jacky to look at opportunities to do this.



Next Meeting – TBC, approx late Jan 2019.

BTM audio log Not For Distribution

Play Busting the Myths here.