Action on Alcohol Flagship Group

The Action on Alcohol Flagship Group is a partnership committed to taking action in the Eastern Metropolitan Region (EMR) to reduce the harmful impacts of alcohol in our local communities.

With a focus on primary prevention the core pillars for action  include:

  1. Advocacy | influencing systemic change to reduce alcohol related harm in the EMR
  2. Community Awareness | promoting responsible drinking cultures in a range of settings
  3. Systemic Change | aligning efforts to apply best practice statutory planning and decision making that considers the social and health impacts of alcohol supply within the community
  4. Organisational Capacity Building | improving access to data and evidence based practice to support organisational readiness to minimise alcohol related harms
  5. Leadership | being a platform for collective action on primary prevention across sectors

The group includes representation from Community Health and Wellbeing organizations, Local Government representatives and other relevant Population Health organisations.


Contact: David Towl (Chair of the AAFG) at [email protected] or Laura Newstead, Kylie Osborne



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Recent achievements:

Becoming a Local Drug Action Team: Our initial work will be to partner with Eastern Migrant Information Centre and other key organisations to work with young people in the Chin community to reduce alcohol related harms.

Interviewing the local community about their views on alcohol and young people and creating a data dashboard. Find out more

Summaries of alcohol use in BoroondaraKnoxManningham, Maroondah, Monash, Whitehorse, Yarra Ranges