Facing the Challenges of Alcohol and Drug Prevention

The Alcohol and Drug Foundation’s (ADF) inaugural Prevention In Practice National Conference, held on 24 and 25 June, included presenters from Local Drug Action Teams (LDAT) across the country as well as local and international academics. OEPCP’s Kylie and Laura attend along with partner organisations represented too.

Professor John Tombourou (Communities That Care – Knox) reminded us that protective factors are not simply the opposite of risk factors, but support and protect people from their environmental risks. Professor Tombourou provided evidence of the cost-benefit of many different prevention initiatives.

Sport was noted as a protective factor by Margrét Lilja Guðmundsdóttir’s of Reykjavik University and ‘Planet Youth’ who presented the Icelandic Model – an evidence-based community approach in preventing adolescent substance use. Iceland has incredible prevention infrastructure, monitoring and support systems. Their entire country’s population of 330,000 is similar to ours in the EMR!

Other influential speakers included Joe Georgiades from Western Australian Football League, who worked tirelessly to remove Alcohol Sponsorship from 22 football club jumpers! And Rachel Fosdick from Palmerston and Regional Basketball Association demonstrated programs can be truly driven and shaped by the community .

It was wonderful to see many of our Primary Care Partnership (PCP) colleagues working in LDATs as partners.

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