Better Safer Care

The Victorian Agency for Health Information (VAHI) has released the first ever population-representative report titled, ‘Family violence in Victoria: findings of the Victorian Population Health Survey 2017′, which is available via the Better Safer Care website.

The Victorian Population Health Survey (VPHS), conducted annually since 2001, provides comprehensive and reliable information about the physical, mental and social health of the Victorian population. The findings from the survey play a key role in informing policy development and strategic planning across government and the wider community.

This report was produced in the wake of they Royal Commission into Family Violence and investigates:

  • The prevalence of family violence
  • Who experienced family violence
  • The frequency of its occurrence
  • The type of family violence experienced
  • The services accessed in response to family violence
  • The knowledge of the general population about where to get outside advice or support for family violence.

If you would like more information, please contact Alison Markwick, Senior Epidemiologist with VAHI via [email protected]. If you are considering any proactive media using data from the report, please contact the VAHI Communications team via [email protected] so that we can ensure that VAHI staff are available for any media requests.