Our Community Advisors

  • The Outer East PCP Consumer Reference Group (CRG) has been important to the OEPCP since its inception in 2000. The members of the Group have over many years shared their personal experiences and wisdom in many ways that have encouraged and guided the PCP to re-imagine and improve so much of our work.

    We are indebted to their dedication and commitment to find new ways and creating new opportunities for ensuring that community, consumers and carers are always at the forefront of our thinking when we are planning for and delivering PCP projects and initiatives. Together they have provided the OEPCP with well over 60 years of service. We have included pictures of some of the longest standing members of the CRG below.

    We acknowledge and celebrate the range of projects and initiatives the CRG members have led and supported for the OEPCP over the years. They range from research reports to videos, information brochures and so much more.

  • | Current and Past projects:

    Busting the Myths to Change the Story


    Community Voice Guide

    Consumer Involvement in Case Conferences

    Electronic Shared Care Support Plan