OEPCP Transition Details

The Outer East Primary Care Partnership (OEPCP) transitioned to the North Eastern Public Health Unit (NEPHU) on 1 July 2022.

The transition offers a unique opportunity to improve population health outcomes for local communities by consolidating skills, knowledge and governance across the region, and for a renewed focus on place-based health promotion and prevention.

OEPCP Website

The OEPCP website will remain live until 30 September 2022. We encourage you to explore the website and download the resources you need.

VicPCP Resource Repository

The Department of Health funded the development of a web-based resource repository to preserve and share 22 years of Victorian Primary Care Partnerships (VicPCP) resources.

VicPCP engaged La Trobe University, Australian Institute of Primary Care and Ageing to build the repository that will be publicly accessible for a period of five years.

A collection of OEPCP resources will be available to access via the Repository.

Click here to access the Repository

NEPHU Contacts

General contact: [email protected]

Community engagement and partnerships: [email protected]

OEPCP Contact

OEPCP high value functions and partnership work has now transitioned to NEPHU. Please email NEPHU for all enquiries.

The Well

The Well is a central hub of information, expertise and advice for practitioners working on public health issues across the Eastern Region of Melbourne. This Outer East and Inner East Primary Care Partnerships initiative will transfer to NEPHU.

Click here to access The Well